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Social Enterprise Iceland / Samfélagslegt framtak á Íslandi is a volunteer lead organization with the aim to understand the social enterprise landscape in Iceland. In the summer 2014 we will be conducting interviews and research with the aim to understand the emergence of social and environmental purpose organizations and what impact they’re creating in society. The research will be used to create a definition of social enterprise in Iceland.

During this time we will be registering as a for-purpose organization (redefinition of the NGO/charity status, ref. Adam Braun). We aim to be the leading organization on the authority of social enterprise in Iceland, creating a member organization that promotes our members; and the furtherance of the social enterprise concept and application. We believe social entrepreneurs are the future wave of purpose-full individuals and organizations that will not only create value for their organizations but society at large and will transform “business as usual”.

We aim to have this website and all communications in Icelandic and English, when resources allow, as all members are volunteers at present.

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