Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan“Social entrepreneurs are my heroes and heroines. They are individuals that have dared to create organizations with purpose at its core and from that created solutions in society that make a real difference to the lives of countless individuals. I am honored to be working and collaborating with them, as well as organizations that support their endeavors. Social Enterprise Iceland is the forum to celebrate and acknowledge great people in Iceland that have pioneered new ways of working that impact society and the environment through sustainability.”

Tanja also writes a blog on purpose and values at

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The Team

Frantisek Borsik

Frantisek BorsikI support the concept of adding value and impact in society through creating disruptive new business models with purpose at their core. Social Enterprise Iceland is all about that, so count me in.

I am a humble helper in the Startup Iceland, pro-bono initiative that is building a sustainable entrepreneurial eco-system here in Iceland. Besides that I can consider myself a watch enthusiast, a music-movies-books-HiFi-headphones lover, an “EQ over IQ” man and passionate marketing & business consultant that is constantly looking for something new and different – everywhere, all the time. Do You have something? Don’t hesitate to hit me a message .-)

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Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson

Fe ParelI joined Social Enterprise (Socent) Iceland because I support its main objective. I am an individual who is passionate in creating value for sustainable development, which includes social well-being. Socent Iceland is the pioneer in understanding social enterprise in the country and I believe it has already set a remarkable initiative in bringing companies and individuals from different industries more aware of their impact to the society. I am honored to be part of the team and looking forward to do more.

Connect with Fe on: LinkedIn / Email / GSM: +354 8250315

Vassanta Idmont

Vassanta IdmontI believe that social enterprises are the next generation of businesses. Creating a better social environment starts with us! So why don´t we use our technologies, strategies and resources to tackle social and environmental issues? It will change people´s lives for the better and ultimately, it will change ours.

Social Enterprise Iceland aims to just do that : creating a sustainable entrepreneurial eco-system which will encourage and enable driven, passionate individuals to be tomorrow´s entrepreneurs.  I´m very pleased to join forces with such a dynamic and inspired group of people and I´m looking forward to see the growth of Social Enterprise Iceland.

Connect with Vassanta on: Email / GSM: +354 895 8099


Elizes Low (2013 – 2014)

Vigdís Pálsdóttir (2013)



Árdís Ármannsdóttir

Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir

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