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The team have the fire of the Icelandic summer in our bellies and we’re conducting interviews with potential social enterprises in Iceland. The aim for this research project is to understand the social enterprise landscape in Iceland. We aim to amalgamate the research into a map of the social enterprises and understand how the organizations are working from their social drivers to create an impact in society. In addition, the aim is to establish a definition for social enterprise in Iceland by the end of the summer.
You can follow our research here as we will be posting profiles and the interviews for each organization interviewed. Therefore on the onset, we cannot yet say if any of the interviewees are social enterprises as we are in the process of discovery through the interviews and which will become apparent on the conclusion of the definition. We welcome thoughts and comments on this process either by email or a comment below the individual article. We hope you will enjoy the discovery as much as we are. Companies listed below are in alphabetical order.


aevi logo

Company Name: Ævi Ehf.

Social Mission: Preservation of human beings: a memory bank for generations to come.



Citizens FoundationCompany Name: Citizen Foundation

Social Mission: To bring people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities. We believe that without participation there is no democracy.


ExpedaCompany Name: Expeda ehf.

Social Mission: To enable the general public easy access to expert medical knowledge by doing so we will allow them to receive better healthcare at a lower cost.


FESTA_logoCompany Name: Festa – miðstöð um samfélagsábyrgð

Social Mission: Be the knowledge center for CSR Iceland.


geoSilica Logo

Company Name: GeoSilica ehf.

Environmental Mission: To utilise waste from geothermal production to create a sustainable environment.



Company Name: The Icelandic Association of Whale Watchers

Environmental Mission: Fight against whaling in whale watching grounds and promoting methods of responsible whale watching.



Karolina FundCompany Name: Karolina Fund Ehf.

Social Mission: To create social impact through creating change by facilitating new relationships between the creators and investors.



Company Name: Klak Innovit

Company Mission: “We aim to be community based.”



Company NameKrummi Spice

Social Mission: Creating a sustainable company that at its core gives back to society in every aspect of its business. “We want to show that this is possible.”


Icelandic Human Rights Centre

Company Name: Icelandic Human Rights Centre

Social MissionThe Center works on making human rights information accessible to the public by organizing conferences and seminars on human rights issues and by providing human rights education


Iceland Ocean ClusterCompany Name: Iceland Ocean Cluster

Environmental Mission: Promoting full utilization of seafood and limiting food waste of valuable products



CLocatify logoompany Name: Locatify

Social Mission: “Everything we offer is sustainable, we have a platform where others can create their own content for apps, and it is reusable for different games and guides.”



Maximus Musicus logoCompany Name: Maximus Musicus

Social Mission: “Aimed at children to provide a better quality of life through the enjoyment of music and to open up the child’s imagination through music. It also enables children to give words to their feelings.”

MindGamesCompany Name: MindGames Ehf.

Social Mission: To create a good gaming experience to help people to train their minds.


Specialisterne logoCompany Name: Sérfræðingarnir, Specialisterne á Íslandi

Social Mission: Give people the opportunity for work in the labour market.

SkemaCompany Name: Skema Ehf.

Social Mission: To skill the next generation that will change the world beyond technology.


Startup Iceland

Company Name: Startup Iceland

Social Mission: Build a sustainable startup ecosystem




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